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The Tale of the Unbending Thumb

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I haven’t posted for months. This was because during my enthusiastic push to finish some outstanding home maintenance, I wrecked the tendon in my left thumb. Well, perhaps not wrecked. I mean it was still there. It’s just that it would no longer bend without making a horrible clicking sound, and as time wore on it would bend but not bend back. (I discovered that people freak out when other people have a thumb bent at an odd angle and it stays there.) And finally, it didn’t bend at all. It stayed permanently straight for two and a half months.

And just to really annoy me, it hurt to type.

So, I scaled back a bit and dedicated my limited keyboard hours to my second book (first novel), and everything else got shoved to one side. Like this blog. And the stories I intended to post to Wattpad. And loads of other stuff.

On the good side, at long last I had an excuse to hire a housekeeper (and when I say ‘housekeeper’ I mean a local teenager who needs to save money for nursing school). “It’s me tendon, see. It don’t bend like it used to. Can’t do no cleaning around the house as it hurts me delicate widdle hand. And I’m old. Me knees. Me knees…” The physiotherapist told me that being lazy seemed to be helping as every time I tried to mop my floor, or vacuum the carpet I made my thumb worse. Encouraged by a valid medical reason to shirk my household duties, I promptly hired someone to weed my garden.

Two weeks ago my thumb suddenly started to bend again without causing any blinding pain. Ironically it was when I was getting an ultrasound so the physiotherapist could figure out what was going on. He seemed vaguely disappointed that my thumb had decided to cooperate as he’d been pushing for a steroid injection for weeks.

But I’m not complaining as here I am, right at the end of August (having injured it in May), with a working thumb.

I guess I’d better start blogging again…

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