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  • D A Howe

The Development of Space Technology is Related to Bad Recipes

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Here’s my theory of why the space race happened, why our interest in outer space declined, and how we can get to Mars based on nothing but a dream I had last night.

Interest in all things space related and the space race during the 1960s wasn’t due to competition between the Soviet Union and the USA. It was actually due to the horrendous recipes and food available in the 1960s.  Awful recipes ignited the creative and scientific spark in humans to get off the planet in a desperate attempt to escape the horror. Faced with the prospect of going home for dinner or developing new space technology, scientists in both parts of the world opted for the space stuff.


Going into space is really dangerous. And you could die.


It’s Liver Sausage Pineapple tonight.


I see your point.

As the recipes disappeared from the collective consciousness, the drive to leave planet Earth also declined. Our only hope of setting up a colony on Mars is to bring back gelatin, mayonnaise, and processed meat shaped to look like fruit and vegetables.

Ban good looking, great tasting food and humanity will reach for the stars in a bid to avoid food related assaults on people’s eyeballs and taste buds!

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