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  • D A Howe

The Books Machine – Reading by Telepathy

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

On the 16th of September I received a flattering e-mail from Meryl, who works for a website called ‘The Books Machine’.  Her e-mail informed me that, “The Books Machine is a website that connects authors and readers. It helps writers promote their work, gain in reputation and prestige, and reach a potential audience.”

It also said, “I have recently come across your book Bootleg on Amazon and due to both its quality and plot, it qualifies to be promoted in our community of readers.”

There’s just one teeny tiny problem with Meryl’s pitch.  Bootleg is only available on Kindle and my sales reports from KDP informed me (much to my despair), that Bootleg has sold precisely zero copies since July. KENP Read pages were flat as a pancake as well.  And I hadn’t run a campaign for freebies since 2015.

Which does raise the interesting question of how Meryl from ‘The Books Machine’ managed to read Bootleg and decide it was awesome in both quality and plot.

Here are some possibilities that spring to mind…

  1. She read a copy over the shoulder of a coworker –  who downloaded a freebie back in 2015.

  2. She read it over the shoulder of someone she was sitting next to on a bus or a train – who downloaded a freebie back in 2015.

  3. She borrowed someone’s Kindle or iPad  – who downloaded a freebie back in 2015.

  4. She read the reviews and decided she didn’t need to actually read the story.

  5. Telepathy.

I’m going with ‘telepathy’.  Mainly because that implies an exciting super power and that one day Meryl will reveal her secret identity and that she will only use her power for good.  And I’ll be able to proudly say, “Hey, she sent me an e-mail about how awesome my short story was!”

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