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Mea Culpa. And Sound Design

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Continuing with the theme of laziness, here’s are two videos instead of a blog post with lots of wordy words. The first one explores the sound design in the Harry Potter films and the next one is a short documentary about Ben Burtt.  I’ve been interested in sound design ever since Ben Burtt’s design in Star Wars blew my mind. It’s an amazing art form. But I think perhaps Ben Burtt was one of the last of the old school to approach his sound design from a practical perspective. I get the feeling that these days it’s a little easier to call up something from a sound library or generate it electronically, rather than having to traipse around in the middle of nowhere armed with a microphone and a recorder. To me, this makes sound design a little less exciting. I’m unlikely to ever sit through a film again and think, “Holy cow–what the heck did I just hear?”

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