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  • D A Howe

Inspirational writing advice from Charlie Kaufman

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Charlie Kaufman gave a lecture back in 2011 emphasizing that the priority of a writer is writing first, and marketing second.  Unfortunately these days it’s all about marketing first, and writing second. In a world drowning in self published books, we’re forced into marketing and branding in the vain hope of building an audience. Indie authors know only too well the pain of being told that apart from delivering a novel (a Herculean task), we need to worry about social media platforms, growing  a mailing list, maintaining blogs, and targeting the correct audience with the correct genre. Only then will we make boatloads of cash and be able to quit our day jobs. Oh, and if you’re a published author, congratulations, but you’ll still have to market your book because the publisher won’t do it for you.

It’s a peculiar aspect of our time when an author is forced to have a secondary career as a marketing expert.

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