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  • D A Howe

I am#2,658,883 in the Kindle Store. Hah!

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been unsure what to write about. There are tons of successful blogs out there chatting away about how to earn $50,000 a year or more by writing for a niche market, and how they’ve just completed book number 27, and here’s their wonderful cover that looks amazing. And they’re humble because they don’t really want to admit they designed the cover themselves, aw shucks, and anyone can do it with practice.

Just  believe in yourself!

If you’re like me, your experience is one of earning no money, taking forever to write one book, and every time you try to design your own cover it looks like your cat got into the paint and sat on a piece of paper.

From here on out, I’m proudly admitting it. No one is reading my book. I’m taking forever to finish my next one because it’s easier to watch Netflix. And although I’m very good at organizing and completing tasks, none of tasks are to do with writing–although on a positive note my house has never been cleaner and my lawns don’t get a chance to grow because I mow them every second week, even in winter (as long as the ground isn’t too cold/soggy).

Embrace it my friends. Embrace the suck. Embrace being ranked at #2,658,883 in the Kindle Store.

Because when you’re at the bottom things definitely can’t get any worse.

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