• D A Howe

Disappointing Things in Life

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

My current list of disappointments this week are as follows.

Buying Stollen (otherwise known as delicious, delicious German Christmas bread) and forgetting that the marzipan in the middle is optional. No marzipan could be found in my Stollen. Sad.

Running Seti@home over the years and only seeing endless packets of zip. Just background noise in an expanse of apparently empty universe devoid of other intelligent life. If you want to truly have an existential crisis, contemplate the vast expanse of a million galaxies and and then contemplate that humanity is it. Us.  Evolved primates that still operate in the same basic way–we’re either hitting someone over the head with a stick, or trying to take all the bananas for ourselves.  Thanks Seti@home