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Clickety-clack go the Keys

So…  Apart from working, editing the fourth draft of my novel, joining Scribophile and not writing on my blog,  I did manage to purchase this beautiful new keyboard. For once in my life, a MAC user doesn’t have all the cool stuff because this keyboard only works on Windows. (I tell a lie, apparently it’ll run on a MAC but only some of the keys work.)

This work of art is a tribute to the typewriters of old. And as someone who owns two typewriters and learned to type on a typewriter and a mechanical keyboard, this is a close experience to the real thing. Also, did I mention that it’s a mechanical keyboard? Which means the keys have a nice, solid feel, and they make the comforting clicking sounds of old.  And yes, I am more likely to pretend I’m Ernest Hemingway when I use this keyboard. It can only be a matter of time before I start smoking cigars and developing a drinking habit.

BTW, this isn’t a paid promotion. I own this keyboard outright, having paid for it with my own moola. It was expensive. Was it worth the expense? Well, yes. Yes it was.

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